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St. Ives, St. Eia. So good they named it in two languages!

Welcome to Spooky St. Ives, a website written by a resident, which will (hopefully) give you a little insight into the real St. Ives down in deepest, darkest Cornwall. Inside you will find some nuggets of information but really this is just intended to be a bit of a light-hearted look at the town everyone wants to visit (usually all at the same time).

The current menu of offerings is below and can I recommend the Margaux to go with it. Bon appetit!

In All The Gory Detail!

  Updated Section Content
Currant Affairs   News ... What's hit the fan this week ...
    ... Views And Abuse ... and what the fans have been saying.
    Aged Antelopes Old gnus (and other bits and pieces).
    Anty Matter? Friend or foe?

Take the emmet test!


  The Reporting Team's Gazette The real people get down to the real issues.
Useful Inflammation   St. Ives Skinny Stuff they never mentioned in the brochure. (Possibly) useful links.
    Truth Or Dare! Readers' rants, tourists' tantrums, visitors' views. Read (and write) your own reviews of St. Ives.
    We're The Hellawi A map and a street A-Z. Even a brief discourse on the Cornish language and an attempt to explain the meaning of some of the street names.
    Site Map Index of current pages.
    The Crusades My university thesis on the fall of Jerusalem in 1187 ... plus silliness.
    Copyright Stuff Tedious serious page I have to put in to cover my backside.
Plaices To Go, Things To Sea   Feats Of Clay See the Leach pottery in action when it was still a pottery and still had a Leach potter in it! We ambush Trevor Corser in the Leach Pottery and force him to reveal all!
    Far From The Madding Crowd Fed up with trying to fight your way through the summer hordes?

Find solace and solitude here.

    Go Hike St. Mike! Walking across the peninsula on St. Michael's Way.
    Homes On The Range We investigate the ancient settlement of Chysauster.
    The Gullery Pictures of St. Ives.
    Art Is Where The Home Is Tate the Monet and run!
    No Bed Of Roses! We go for a hike around Rosewall Hill.
    The Prisoner of Zennor You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?
    Gurn With The Wind Further down the Coast Path to Gurnard's Head and back via the mysterious St. Ives to Zennor field path.
    Hayle To The Chief We take a walk on the wild side.
    Hello Blubber, Hello Faddah We take a trip out to Seal Island and hassle Alfie's relatives.
    Ale, Caesar? Thumbnail pub reviews.
Spooky Events In St. Ives 27/09/09 Best Fest Guests Come In Handy Fortunately for you, it's a review of regular supporters of the St Ives Arts Festival and fab folksters, Show of Hands. Unfortunately for them , they are reviewed by us!
    Faster, Further, Eia! Frenetic frolics on the Feast Day of St. Eia. Who's got the silver ball?
    Tomb Raider Strange ritual goings-on at the 2001 Knill Celebration.
    Beer Is The Key Inexplicably blurred news from the St. Ives Beer Festival, 2002!
    The Wicked Which Of The Fest! More beer-related shenanigans from the St. Ives Beer Festival, 2003.
    Chilly Con Carnage New Year's Heaving. The visitors strike back! The debate continues to rage.
Only In St. Ives ...   The Seal Of Approval? Escape from Seal-ag Luft XV?
    Would I RNLI To You? When the boat goes out.
    Nautical But Nice Aquatic activities in St. Ives.


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All views expressed on these pages are mine (unless you are the authorities in which case they are the Reporting Team's, I'm just the patsy, guv!).

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My grateful thanks to a few individuals who have given me a spot of very useful assistance in getting things right. I don't mention them by name because they would be the last to want any personal credit for what they have done. Needless to say that, ipso facto, they are true men (and women) of St. Ives.

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