Getting In A Tate

There is an old traditional saying when confronted by a rather bizarre set of circumstances ..... stranger things happen at sea.

Except in St. Ives where the expression is ...... stranger things happen at the Tate.

Designed to replace the local  gasworks, the Tate strips away the former premises' elements of practicality and function and just leaves the noxious gases!

Well, alright, maybe it's not that bad.

It's quite a nice building and has some wonderful views. It also makes a vital contribution to the local economy, increasing the employment in St. Ives by 25% every Summer when it takes on an additional ice cream vendor.

All in all, the Tate is a marvel. It's just a mystery why they haven't put any art in it!

On the other hand .....

..... Ann will go absolutely nuclear when she sees this and she works there so be nice to her and 


(She's very nice and puts up with a hell of a lot of leg-pulling. Not only can she hold her own in the Sloop but she can put the hecklers in their place with a calming word, a quick retort or a punch on the nose!)*

 [* Please note: Ann does not supply the punches on the nose personally, she has a supply of willing helpers (self included) who will be delighted to administer them on her behalf. Just because we sometimes tease her doesn't mean you can.]

Still, I'm here to report the facts, ma'am, just the facts.

So, here goes.

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