Dazed And Confused

Right. So this is the scenario. There is beer all over the place (still in the  barrels at this stage), there is an angry mob of anti-bollard protesters who have formed themselves into an impromptu lynch mob and it is not even midday yet.

What are you going to do?

Well, a lot of the proceeds are going to charity so how about offering Mrs. Mayor for sale as a 'slave for the day'?

2002 Beer festival at St. Ives, Cornwall 8 Any takers?
2002 Beer festival at St. Ives, Cornwall 9 Maybe not.

OK, how about a spot of karaoke?

2002 Beer festival at St. Ives, Cornwall 10 Right, well, stuff them, then. Why don't we just sup a few freebies and get very, very badly blurred!

Meanwhile, the festivities and frivolities carry on apace with much festing and frivoling on all sides.

Loads of goodies to be had.

(And I got them, bwahahaha!)

2002 Beer festival at St. Ives, Cornwall 11
Elsewhere, a confused Australian tries to get to grips with the subtle, esoteric intricacies of traditional English pub games. 2002 Beer festival at St. Ives, Cornwall 12

So great is the fearsome reputation of the St. Ives Beer Festival that it attracted strangers from outside of Downlong, such as Anna from Sveden and Rabbit, our fine furry formerly felonious foreign friend, from Australia.

2002 Beer festival at St. Ives, Cornwall 13

Hello, I'm smiling broadly to disguise my embarrassment at being stuck in a hall full of ale-swilling, pot-bellied, middle-aged men writing furtive notes in school exercise books.

So, tell me Rabbit, how does traditional English beer grab you after all that Fosters and Castlemaine gnats-pee you've been forced to drink down under? 2002 Beer festival at St. Ives, Cornwall 14

What follows can only be described as a blatant blag but ... what the hell! It's publicity for them and the event so it's not as if I am trying to pass it off as my own handiwork.

The next page and/or images may well take more than a few nanoseconds to make a full appearance as it contains the scanned pages from the beerfest programme.

Oh and before you all moan to high heaven the prog was A5 so I scanned both pages per side to save time. You've got a problem with that? The Reporting Team will see you outside in the car park in five minutes!

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