Winwaloes' Witterings - Vol. I

Mermaid Sighted off St Ives.

Local fishermen have reported the appearance of a mermaid or merrimaid off of St Ives.

The creature seems to fit the usual description of a mermaid has now been sighted several times, usually mid to late afternoon or at night post 11:00pm.

A local fisherman, who wished to remain anonymous, but who claims to have seen her told me:

"Aw my dear, sawdd her, course I sawd her and a pert and purdy thing she was too. Sawd her with my own eeyes I did and bamfoozled I be sure. Aveyseenum? mermaid.jpg (4777 bytes)

However, another fisherman, of the younger variety poured scorn on the idea saying that the old man was a total tuss and should never be believed about nothing.

Your correspondent, however, feels that there may well be something more in this and intends to investigate. Topless sunbathing in the sea is not as prevalent in Cornwall as on the Continent and such matters should and must be investigated. octopus.jpg (14333 bytes)

Mine Shaft Exposed

There was much dismay earlier this week when yet another disused mine shaft was discovered.  The original props, left in place when the mine was closed some 150years ago, have now decayed and this has led
to considerable subsidence on the cliffs between St Ives and Zennor. Where the cliff path ran there is now a considerable hole or dell.  Local Methodists lay claim to this being another preaching "pit" once used by the Wesley Brothers (the preachers) but local historians hotly dispute this claim.

So hot was the dispute that it descended into a brawl that the Methodists won. This caused them to claim right on their side and the obvious truth of their case.  bb1.jpg (82469 bytes)

However, a local UFO group leader  says it is quite obviously a landing site for alien craft and that several sightings have been reported after closing time.  Your correspondent understands that the leader and his group intend to hold an all night observation session this weekend. They have appealed for new members to join them and are particularly interested in welcoming new female members for an all night UFO watch.

Unearthly Sighting

Local New Age group members report an unearthly or un-natural sighting last weekend out over the Island and the lighthouse. Reports vary between the sighting of a fiery chariot or a figure in the sky. Witnesses, and there were many, describe the chariot "driver" as a benign looking individual, carrying a long staff. He had a Gandolf like beard and dark flowing robes. Those that observed only the figure in the sky describe it in similar terms. Some of those watching were concerned that the apparition's head appeared to be tucked under his arm, very much in the way of early Saints. The hand attached to the arm holding the head was observed to carry a pot or flagon that was often and conveniently brought to the lips of the head.

The apparition has, in a way, produced a miracle in that local New Age followers and regular Church goers have come together to agree it must be a Saintly sighting. Local Chapel goers do, however, remain sc

Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe

Vile Jelly

27 May 2004 15:15

Re: News Headlines

Excellent (if a tad tardy if it was supposed to be last week's news bulletin!). I will promulgate your report this week and look forward to your further explorations of the St. Ives underworld. But what will we call the feature? Winwaloe Under Cover? Winwaloe Under The Weather? Winwaloe Under The Influence? 
I've long suspected that this sort of thing has been going on but I never get invited to those sort of late-night beach parties on Porthmeor.

[NB. Words by Winwaloe, piccies supplied by the Reporting Team who apparently do get involved to those sort of parties!].

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