Snakes And Ladders

Meanwhile, back on the long and winding road ....

You will eventually come to a small car park and buildings on the left. This is where you park the old jalopy. The entrance to the Chysauster site is on the right (if you've come this way) and just before you come to the car park.

It was just before the season was due to start hence the workmen buffing the place up. They'll probably be gone by the time you get there! Route to Chysauster from St. Ives 5
There are toilet facilities and a couple of useful signs. Car park for Chysauster 1
Beware of the natives!

Obviously certain members of the Reporting Team left an impression on their last visit. 

Car park for Chysauster 2

Once you've got your act together (and sprayed the sprogs with snake repellent) it's just a short hike up the hill to Chysauster proper.

This is the gateway which marks the entrance to the site ..... Path to Chysauster 1
..... it leads to a fenced in pathway so you can't exactly get lost. Path to Chysauster 2
The path is well maintained but, obviously, the nature of the terrain means that you've got to be reasonably mobile. Path to Chysauster 3
At the end of the path is a hut which contains the site custodians (two very nice and helpful ladies when I was there). Path to Chysauster 4

Chysauster is an English Heritage site and you do have to pay to get in but it's only a few quid with concessionary rates for just about anyone (except me!). You can also purchase books, postcards and things of that ilk. I bought the booklet on the site and English Heritage have very kindly given me permission to blag a few of its piccies (to be revealed shortly) which is very kind of them and good news for you because I can't draw! Hopefully, they'll help you make some sense of the place.

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