A Site To Behold

Okey-pokey. It's time to go and have a look at the old burg.

Before we start I'd just like to say, as you'll discover, that there is one problem with photographing Chysauster and that is that generally you are not much higher than the site itself which makes it hard to get a decent perspective at times.

I believe that the possibility of building a viewing problem was once brought up but was nixed (on the grounds of cost mainly).

Luckily for you, and, in deed, me, and thanks to the efforts of Celia Sterne at English Heritage (and to Judith Dobie whose artwork it is), we can give you something to help you get your head round the site a bit more easily:-

This is a plan of the Chysauster site.

(The fogou is not shown on this scale but is on a diagonal away from the bottom right corner. There's a sign and they'll give you directions at the hut if you can't spot it).

Plan of Chysauster

Copyright  English Heritage

And here's how it looks in the real world.

Sorry I couldn't get them quite on the same alignment but I think it's fairly easy to marry the two together.

Aerial picture of Chysauster

Copyright Skyscan Balloon Photography

Getting the hang of it?


Well, worry ye not because (1) it's much clearer when you are actually there in the flesh and (2) English Heritage have put up a number of useful and helpful signboards which give you :-

Photos ..... English Heritage signboard at Chysauster 1
..... diagrams and background information ..... English Heritage signboard at Chysauster 2
..... including handy clues for the spatially confused so you know which you're facing ..... English Heritage signboard at Chysauster 3
..... and, even, artistic reconstructions! English Heritage signboard at Chysauster 4

What more could you ask for, eh?

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