Green Sprouts Of Recovery?

Helen Bristol

26 October 2002 14:23

Andrew Macdonald is feeling better

Hi VJ,
I hadn't realised how bad it was until I was reading the updated news.  But, thank you for asking, Andrew is feeling much better now.  It's OK we won't have to don the white overalls and venture into the wilds of Lincolnshire for some time now as rellies have gone Down Under for a spot of summer sun, cricket and other rellies. It must be nice to be a retired older person and just take off whenever you feel like it. [Bah! Old people don't realise how easy they have it these days. When we were young old people really had it miserable. Now they just spend all their time travelling, relaxing and sucking crab sarnies in the Sloop. Old people today? They don't know they're born!].
I nearly succumbed to the S'N'V today but fought off the temptation.  The real thing not the Things females do in secret stuff. I thought that was Ann Summers parties.

Vile Jelly

27 October 2002 13:28

I thought Andrew was behaving a bit strangely. I mean any man who defends green, knobbly vegetables is no man at all!
I shall never think of Robin Hood in the same light again as a result of this traumatic e-mail exchange. Every time I hear of RH and his Hommes Heureux being clad in Lincoln Green I shall always imagine them wearing clothes covered in sprouts!
I presume you have now retired to the cosmopolitan sophistication of Norfolk to re-charge your batteries.
PS. The Reporting Team want to know what an Ann Summers party is. And if they can go to one.

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