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Vile Jelly

01 November 2002 21:55

Mystery Envelope?

It arrived in the Sloop office yesterday while I was elsewhere containing nothing except a burpday card and a tenner and signed 'Susanne'.
Now you're the only thusly-spelled Susanne I know.
If it was you (apart from 'thanks', obviously), how did it get there? Have you been lurking in the vicinity, if so where and when and, if not, how did you get it there when it wasn't stamped or addressed?
Confused of St. Ives

Susanne Woodman

05 November 2002 10:11

I was there but suffering from a dreadful cold so not wanting to inflict the symptoms of that on you and other denizens of the Sloop, I just left the card. Hope you had a good time on Thursday.

Best wishes


Vile Jelly

05 November 2002 10:31

Hell, you should have just inflicted away. We are all full of germans anyway so a few more wouldn't have made much difference.

Post-season illness seems to be a common phenomenon in St. Ives. I think that once things start to quieten down everyone suddenly has time to realise who utterly knackered they are and all the bugs and germs we got exposed to during the season come home to roost.

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