Home Comforts

Helen Bristol

09 November 2002 15:36

Feeling better?

Sorry to hear you've been poorly. Hope you're on the mend now.  I know you can get viruses from those email thingys so I've just spent a couple of hours disinfecting the house - just in case. 
I hadn't realised that Andrew's brassicaphobia is like malaria. It seems he has had a flare-up (apparently Doom Bar is the only recognised medicine)  Added to which on returning from buying a carpet this afternoon ( we know how to live) we passed the local footie pitch with the brassicas playing the carrots. Are veggies taking over the world? We're hoping to escape from the Norfolk wetlands at the end of the month and head for the soggy SW.  Different sort of rain and definitely a different sort of wind.

Vile Jelly

09 November 2002 16:44

Well, to be honest, it seems that I've spent more time on the throne than Queen Victoria over the last few days. I console myself with the thought that it won't last forever ..... and with alcoholic beverages.
Look forward to seeing you later this month hopefully. It might even have stopped winding and raining by then.
Aha, here come the Sonics with a glass of something tasty and nutritious and the Shauns with a soothing poultice to apply to my fevered brow. And I do believe that the Soup Dragons are busy concocting some suitable sustenance to feed me later. What would I do without the Reporting Team, eh?

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