Act Of Desperation

[Continuation from Apres Moi La Deluge]

Helen Bristol

15 November 2002 18:03

Defending the realm

Not sure which variety they were today but Lowestoft (source of mortgage payments) was being severely defended.  What with that and a secretary who could talk for England it was hard to think straight.  Could be a problem when trying to solve other people's going home problems.
God I'm glad its Friday. I don't think I could have coped with any more work days this week

Vile Jelly

15 November 2002 21:44

Don't think ..... act.
Or is that if you can't think go into acting?
Anyway. Nothing much to report other than I won (in the Meat Draw) the leg o'lamb. Wasn't he the elf in the Lord Of The Rings?
Trevor won bugger all again and is quietly seething.
I am on a double shift tomorrow and am loudly seething.

Helen Bristol

16 November 2002 17:28

Toyed with thespianism. You know what they say? Never act with toys or animals. [How dare she!]

Vile Jelly

16 November 2002 22:13

Or try to do websites with them! [How dare HE! Right, that's it. Time to administer a severe hoofing.]

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