It Never Rains But ...

Charli Hyrax

18 November 2002 01:40

Flooding and Photos

Hi there. I'm Charli from St Ives (girl - so many get it wrong that I feel i must say so) and I was looking at your flood pictures. I'm making a website that has nothing whatsoever about St Ives - it's just about me and the stuff I like eg. art and cartoons. I was wondering whether you'd mind me putting your flood photos on my site, as they're the only decent ones I've found on the net and they are scary too. Of course I'll give you full credit and post a link to your website. If you like I'll send you a photo I took of some book display thing I saw in the middle of the street down town yesterday. Don't know what it was doing there.

DID you see the destruction the morning after the flood? God it was awful! Did you see Oven Door? That gigantic wall cabinet fell against the window and the window was smashed.

I feel sorry for the guy who runs Spar, cos I think he owns Local Plus too. One day Spar is flooded, a few days after, Local Plus is ram raided!

Anyway, enough of my blabber! So, urm, could you get back to me? :)


Vile Jelly

18 November 2002 09:07

Had a word with the Reporting Team who have said it's OK to use the photos as you asked nicely provided you put in appropriate credits (especially that they're copyright of Spooky St. Ives in case some other buggers try to filch them) and put a link to the site ( - here's one I prepared earlier!). Where's your site at?

I wondered what had happened to the Local Plus. I went there to get some bread and whatnots and they were just clearing up. Definitely a Black Day At Bad Rock for the bloke if he does own both places!

Apart from getting the piccies on Thursday morning going into work I haven't had much chance to investigate the flood damage further. I've been mostly incarcerated in the Sloop trying to cook by candlepower. Also, it feels a bit ghoulish poking around other people's misfortune.

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