Signs And Portents!

Susanne Woodman

25 November 2002 13:19

Lightning strikes now!

What calamity will befall you next? It seems to be something new every week. 

Lightning attacking surfers seems to be almost unprecedented. The four horsemen next? Or rabid seagulls?

Best wishes


Vile Jelly

25 November 2002 15:13

Well, we're half expecting a plague of locusts although most locals are assuming that it won't turn up until the traditionally appointed hour, New Year's Eve!

It certainly has been an interesting couple of weeks. Some people have become so disturbed by the recent turn of events that they are claiming to have seen blue hedgehogs, talking sheep, dragons and serpents wandering around town taking notes. Surely, the end of days!

PS. Worked all weekend but Sunday night was quiet so got out early and went downstairs to partake of the return of the sacred Doom Bar. There was virtually no one in the Sloop except a few locals having a communal 'quiet night getting pissed and doing & saying what we like because there are no tourists around so we can' night. Nothing personal for you non-residents but after the hell of Summer it was sheer bliss.

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