Gastronomical Observatory

Helen Bristol

12 December 2002 20:21

Restaurant critic

Been honing our skills.  Fox and Goose (Sign is goose with fox in mouth - ha ha) Excellent meal. Big Mac was going to email you but decided that the Shauns would get upset about his menu choice - don't ask. My smoked haddock followed by fillet of beef was excellent if somewhat filling.  And the creme brulee was out of this world.  Not much to drink as I was driving!!  Celebrating getting the sitting room redec. finished.  At last somewhere comfortable to relax.
Lots of local produce, v. good.  French wine (can't remember the name, something to do with the 45th parallel) what little I had, v. good.
Tonight local sausages, creamed potatoes, puree'd parsnip,. and - you've guessed it - brassica.Not at all bad considering I was trying to unpack books at the same time.
This weekend we go veggie as we have non meat-eating friends over for a meal.  Shauns safe for the moment.
Thought M16s were weapons of not-too-many-destruction.
Go now to watch something educational on TV?????

Reporting Team

13 December 2002 09:52

Well, we always said it's tough at the top (mind you, it's not much fun at the bottom either, especially VJ's after a night on the Doom Bar!).
We're not sure how gorging on top cuisine is going to help you on your next visit to St. Ives. If you've been troughing on blue string cooking (actually, Shauns, I think that term should be left in the original french rather than translated - Ed.) how will you be able to recognise what you get served up with down here?
So, you're having friends from Vegetaria staying, eh? The fools! Don't they realise the error of their ways. Most of the Reporting Team used to be no mark veggies until they discovered Doom Bar and Lion Wine Gums and now they are internationally rich, famous and successful stars of TV, Video Games and, of course, the Internet!

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