No Diss Respect

Andrew Macdonald

17 December 2002 07:41

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Vile Jelly

17 December 2002 08:52

I can't find anything about sprouts.

Other than the talking points section has a cryptic heading relating to 'winter vomiting disease', which is, of course, a well-known consequence of sprout consumption!

Andrew Macdonald

17 December 2002 09:38

Ah, the EDP, bless it.  They've taken the story down and archived it.

However, in the interests of truth and honesty, here it is:

Those of a nervous disposition may wish not to look at the picture.

Hope you're feeling less pissed off.

Vile Jelly

17 December 2002 10:08

Less pissed off (effect likely to be temporary, alas, with the prospect of
Crimbo and new year chained to a stove in the Sloop Slave Pits).

Day off (hoorah) so may completely lose the off and just get pissed!

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