Gull Of The Season

Alan Spencer

23 December 2002 16:20

new year

Shame about your decision to call it a day in developing your website- I was really looking forward to you ridiculing the visitors after another messy new year celebration.
Can't wait to flap my wings again on new year's eve!!
Best wishes

The Twickenham Seagull

Vile Jelly

23 December 2002 21:51

Haven't made a final decision yet, just waiting to see if I make it to the new year before I decided what my options are. Problem is that I never seem to get the chance to 'ridicule the visitors' these days. I won't be seeing much, if any, of the new year's eve debauchery as I am on a 6.30am start on new year's day to cook brekky for the resis.
Now, if others were to contribute some material I would at least have a sporting chance of keeping the site fresh. Sadly one of the major drawbacks of my current incarceration in the Sloop Slave Pits is that most of this year I have missed virtually every major event because I've had to work during it!
Oh well, I just I hope I can make it work on new year's day morning over the piles of cans, broken glass and dead bodies. Someone claimed that it is going to be a high tide this year which could make things a little fraught given the numbers that sprawled across the harbour beach last year!
PS. You're not going as a seagull again are you? Surely, you realise that you have been unmasked (or unbeaked) by your correspondence with Spooky St. Ives! Don't get your feathers plucked.

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