Brassic Park!

Andrew Macdonald

24 December 2002 08:38

Happy Christmas

Have you broken out the water cannon for 31/12/02 yet?
A Happy Christmas and a Preposterous New Year to you and the Team,
Andrew and Helling


brassicas.jpg (150692 bytes)

Reporting Team

25 December 2002 08:34

We knew they were secretly gathering and plotting to take over. Deploy Agent Orange immediately. Hell, send in Agents Black, Blue, Red, etc as well.
And who is that suspicious individual hob-nobbing with them?
Bah! We knew we should never trust you humans. We will take all the Doom Bar into our protective custody until such time as you have dealt with Episode 1: The Flatulence Menace!
Contact us again when the enemy is defeated.
The Reporting Team

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