A Friend In Need .....

Frank Griffin

08 January 2002


Just a quick "thank you" for an informative site that is entertaining too ... much appreciated -- and no doubt if Ruth and I do get down to St Ives (rubber band willing) maybe we could meet over a pleasant pint and swap webmaster news....

Best Regards

Thank God! Someone who appreciates us. It's not easy living with and working for Vile Jelly, you know. Nobody likes him as you've probably noticed. It's just that we don't have much choice at the minute.

[The Shauns haven't worked since Nick Park went off to Hollywood, Flat Eric hasn't done any levis ads for a while and the Soup Dragon has to live off the residuals from re-runs of the Clangers. And now Sega have gone down the pan, even the Sonics have been having to scan the Situations Vacant pages of the papers - Ed].

You've got no chance of getting any webmaster info out of Jelly because he doesn't know what he's doing. The pint of beer's a distinct possibility, though!

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