The Spirits Of Christmas

Sue Rowies

24 December 2002 23:23

Congratulations to the Lifeboat Inn

We've just come back from the Lifeboat Inn where we had the most wonderful Christmas Eve dinner.  The food was beautifully cooked and presented, the staff were brilliant - and all at an amazingly reasonable price!  We even had a couple of Irish coffees thrown in (not literally, of course - the staff were much too nice to do that).  The place was rocking and there was a real party atmosphere.

Highly recommended!

Merry Christmas all.

Sue Rowies

Vile Jelly

25 December 2002 08:49

Glad to hear it. I was doing brekky and lunch at the Sloop on Crimbo Eve so had a few drinks, a meal and promptly fell asleep!

Happy Crimbo from the Reporting Team (busy stuffing themselves with chocolate oranges at the minute) and thanks for not contributing to the Sloop kitchen staff's workload!

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