Basic Self-Defence?

Andrew Macdonald

31 December 2002 12:44


Water cannon?
CS Gas?
Razor wire?
Claymore mines?
Ithaca pump?
Chain gun?
Attack helicopter?
Good.  Happy New Year, then, and see you when the days get longer.
By the way, what's a Hopi Ear Candle?  Someone just down the road from here says they can treat me with one, and while I'm quite happy to accept that by now I probably do need treatment, I'm not sure that having just given up smoking I really want someone sticking candles in my ears, or anywhere else, come to that.

Vile Jelly

31 December 2002 21:29

Even better than that, so far it is high winds and driving rain (I suppose that is equivalent of a water cannon).
To be honest this "holiday" season has been a bit of a bummer and the only day off I've had has been crimbo day (promptly followed by the brekky shift on boxing day).
Call me a tedious old whinger but do you no what I've made out of goodwill, tips and overtime?
And people ask me why I don't look like I'm enjoying myself.
Strange that, isn't it?

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