Beware The Speckled (Broad)Band!

Cliff Brum

10 January 2003 02:57


I live in Carbis Bay first off i would like to say what a fab web page you have got

now the i would like to know how many ISDN uses there are in St Ives Carbis Bay area.
i would also like to know if any of them have been haveing the same truble as me
we have lots the phone service that many time over the pass few months i lost count on avage we lose our phone service once every 5/6 weeks
we can lose the phone but keep the net or even lose the net and keep the phone all lose both more often than not we lose both

we have had two ISDN boxes fitted i have even got a new computer bt have been out every time we have lost or service and it as never been anything at this end all ways down to BT

as dose any one know if the story going around that St Ives will be Boradband live in Feb 2003 are true or not
thanks for any help that you can offer

Vile Jelly

10 January 2003 17:52

Not quite sure where you're coming from (apart from Carbis Bay obviously).
I don't understand this technology myself I have a couple of cuddly snakes that sort of thing out for me but I have to say, in my practical experience, the internet connections (I'm on bog standard v90 dial-up) are ****ing appalling.
Whilst attempting numerous uploads/downloads the connection has been so bad that I have been forced to entertain myself by watching paint dry. The worst bit of that being what to do after the paint has dried and you're still waiting for something to happen.
PS. Thanks for the congrats on the site.
PPS. Haven't you got a spellchecker  or have you been having a TFI Friday moment down the pub?
PPPS. The word is that broadband is on the way in Feb but given the current appalling connections and rumours that trying to connect to ADSL is even harder I'm not holding my breath.

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