Micky Chambers

14 January 2003 18:18


Belated Seasonal Salutations from the St Albans Spookyists Society,  glad to here that you have survived the Xmas/ New Year relatively intact, even if the Sloop and the town didn't,    We were down for a very short break at the Primrose Valley Hotel over Xmas and saw you struggling past Hart's all ladened up with about 40 pints of milk; did try to shout but unfortunately I was suffering from a bout of evil pestilence and it came out more as some sort of a vocal fart, Liz says she couldn't tell the difference!!

Glad to hear that you have decided to keep SSI going albeit with the assistance of your trusty sidekicks the top drawer  Reporting Team.
Holly was most upset that you were considering closing it down and had even threatened to start up some sort of  Action group under the name of ' SaveOurSpookyStIvesJournal ' or SOSSIJ for short; actually I'm quite glad it never got up and running as it would probably have started off some awful splinter groups, not to say some bloody awful puns.
Anyway way we are down again in April to no doubt sample your new found  cookery skills and also of course to leave you a pint [or two] of your favourite foaming mead behind the bar.

Peace and Happiness,

Mick, Liz and Holly .


Vile Jelly

15 January 2003 15:25

Oh yes, the milk incident! It's incredible but true (and depressingly predictable for this place) but somehow it hadn't occurred to our suppliers that (a) demand might increase over the crimbo period and (b) the fact that they weren't delivering on some days would also increase demand. Result? By the time they got to the Sloop there was bugger all left. So, some poor mug had to go and ransack St Ives for milk on Boxing Day. Which was a bit of a challenge!
I shall pass on your congratulations to the Reporting Team (and any spare sossijs). Lord knows when the next issue of their gazette will come out, though, as the Shauns have eaten all the crayons and we can't afford any more at the mo!
See y'all in April hopefully.

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