Little Prayer Of A Housey

Christopher Martin Cooper-Young

[Good grief were they having a sale at the Names Shop when you were born?]

14 January 2002 20:12

Dodgy areas to live!

Just visited your site as I was down your way at the weekend scoping out a place to buy/rent. [Hope you brought several crates of gold ingots with you!]
Great site, refreshing change from the usual dross!
On a serious note I would be grateful for an insiders point of view on areas/places/roads/avenues (if there are any in such a great place!!) where NOT to look for a property?? PLEASE.

[Well, you can't have where we live for a start, it's taken us ages to fix the place up.]


Buying decent property in St. Ives is very much like winning the Lottery. Actually, come to think of it, you usually need to have won the Lottery to be able to afford to buy anything in St. Ives. Despite Vilejelly's attempts to lower the tone of the place demand for St. Ives property far outstrips the supply and the cost of St. Ives property now outstrips the Gross Domestic Product of most South American countries!

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