A Day Of In-Foamy

Helen Bristol

01 February 2003 11:18

How did you get to heard about the all-night foam shagathon?

Vile Jelly

01 February 2003 12:09

I began to suspect when the Reporting Team staggered home blind drunk in the small hours singing "I'm forever blowing bubbles"!

Helen Bristol

01 February 2003 14:43

Are you sure they hadn't been to a footie match?  I suspect that your vision of a foamy, nocturnal goings-on is the product of your overactive fevered imagination.  I think that you should take yourself off for a rest in a darkened room.  They say that camomile tea is very effective in such cases.
Anyway they promised not to say anything about it.
Perhaps you should have a word with the Agony Dragony, her advisce is very helpful. 

Vile Jelly

02 February 2003 09:29

Had a word with Soupie.
She said (after she'd brushed all the foam off her scales) that I was imagining things and that if I didn't button it she'd wash my mouth out with soup. Very hot minestrone to be precise. Bleaaagh!
I shall remain silent on the subject hencefirst, second, third and forth.

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