Helen Bristol

14 February 2003 10:27

No particular reason

You sound a bit down.
Its a beautiful day here today, sun glinting off the frost. Doesn't stop me feeling bored 'cos I'm still not up to doing anything. 
Hope the attached cheers you up!

In St. Ives thereís a bloke called Vile Jelly

Who slaves at the Sloop in the galley

His secret is out

Come on, everyone shout

Vile Jelly is really Paul Kelly


VJ bounces around just like Tigger

Though obviously heís somewhat bigger

It drives Eyore mad

ĎCos he likes to be sad

But Kanga says it is good for his figure

Vile Jelly

14 February 2003 17:47

Curses, unmasked again
Howzabout this then?
There once was a bloke called Big Mac
To St Ives he'd thought he'd go back
To buy some more Doom
But at the inn was no room
See it all on 'When Emmets Attack!'.
There was a young lady Helling
Who developed an interesting swelling
Was it too much good wine
Or having such a good time
We don't know and the RT aren't telling.

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