Hark The Herald Angels Sing!


14 February 2003 15:46

A Bleessing on you [And a spellchecker on you!]

Funny thing about East Anglia - it is always a little bit behind, apart from in beer making when they are way out in front. Long live Adnams, Southwold and of course, over the river to Walberswick. Now your friend is quite right - - Piran, Petroc, Paul Aurelian, Euny Samson, Winwaloe! - Doesn't everyone know that? Good weekend to you - I will be fishing and walking on Exmoor and may even pop over the border to the true land of Saints !! (OK the sinners would be more interesting)

Vile Jelly

14 February 2003 17:52

Well, I must admit, living in a community of obscure names a St. Winwaloe certainly wouldn't attract much attention.

Go on, do that thing with the loaves and fishes (or better still the water into wine). You know you've got to perform documented miracles to get official accreditation, don't you?

Mind you, if you are going off to Exmoor for 40 days and forty nights that is a promising beginning.

Keep us (and the Vatican) notified of your progress.

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