Helen Bristol

22 February 2003 15:36

A rose by any other name

I've been called a variety of things in my time, from "the old bat" to "shweetheart" but never before have I been called quasi anything. I could say WYSIWYG (try saying that after half a bottle of bubbly) but that would take the magic out of any relationship.  I'm not sure whether the light headedness is a mystical or  mythical phenomenon or just a side effect of the wine.  Does the fact that Catto Macho is black shed any light on the mythical/mystical debate? 
Sitting in a nice warm room reading the Gurnards Head piece after having relived the SI/Zennor footpath (ha!) yesterday I'm raring to give it a go.  Not withstanding the fact that at present I can't even walk to the shops and back (approx 1 km). Still, the piccies are great. Its amazing what you can achieve when you don't know what you can't do.

Vile Jelly

22 February 2003 16:05

I would have thought that if CM is black then he wouldn't shed light on anything. Not even he was fluorescent black! Suggest you investigate the other half of the bottle of poo to see if any further inspiration is forthcoming.
PS. Not quite sure how to take your last sentence. Are you referring to me and the RT's efforts or sumpthing else?

Helen Bristol

22 February 2003 16:25

Obviously its quasi-ambiguous!  Maybe I got the sentences in that paragraph in the wrong order....but if the cap fits...........

Vile Jelly

23 February 2003 09:36

OK .....
Hang on a minute, this cap has a sort of worn round the neck noosey theme to it!
Urk, it looks like I am about to be hoisted by my own whatsits.

Helen Bristol

24 February 2003 15:57

I've just found this in my outbox so I'm assuming that for some reason, incomprehensible to the likes of I, I didn't send it.
Perhaps I should download a teach-yourself-computing programme and try to understand the workings of the machine (if not my brain)   
 Maybe.........depends on how you take it. I was actually referring to sumpting else.
I know my trains of thought can be somewhat contorted at times. Even I have problems understanding how I got from one topic to another, but there is usually a link however tenuous.  I was thinking about the number of times I've climbed Everest with the likes of Chris Bonnington, Peter Steele, Don Whillans and not a hint of altitude sickness or frostbite as an armchair mountaineer.  How did I get to thinking about that?  Well I was talking about the coastal path and how immobile I am at present and it just went from there.
Don't worry!  I shall have to find something a bit more mentally stimulating to do.  I've got at least another 3 weeks of this lack of occupation  There's just so much planning that a bod can do.

Vile Jelly

24 February 2003 16:46

I wouldn't worry about it.
Humans occasionally sidle up to me and say things like, 'Here, you understand computers. How do you etc'.
To which I reply, 'Buggered if I know, chum. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, it doesn't. I can't offer you any rational explanation for either phenomenon'.
I think even the Shauns understand more about kompewters then I do!

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