Ale To The Chief!

John Freeman

27 March 2003 11:33



I've contacted you before to compliment you on your site. My compliment still holds, so you're doing a great job!

I'm visiting St Ives again soon, I'll be down on 14th April. In may last
email I offered to buy you a pint. Never one to go back on my word, let me know if you'd like to meet so I can fulfil my promise.

With best wishes,


Vile Jelly

27 March 2003 16:15

Cheers, m'dear, the Reporting Team (nor I) ever turn down a free drink.

So, that'll be 31 pints of Doom Bar and a banana daiquiri for the Soup Dragon!

But seriously, be delighted to meet up with you (slave pits roster permitting). By my calculations the 14th is a Moonday so should be able to wangle sumpthing. Late afternoon/early evening OK for you? (Either that or post 9 and a half o'clock if I'm working t'nightshift).

Look forward to seeing you.

PS. Make sure you've had your shots, the Shauns always get a bit frisky in Spring for some reason!

Vile Jelly

27 March 2003 16:37

These Foolish Things ..... !

Strange but weird!
I remembered your previous e-mail so I bunged off the reply and looked up the original thinking that it had only been a month or two ago when you had writ.
But no. It was last April!
But I sure as hell remembered the conversation. You don't think that it was the offer of free Doom Bar that so imprinted the memory on my feeble brain, do you?

John Freeman

28 March 2003 10:37

RE: These Foolish Things ..... !

The prospect/consumption of free beer is an eternal thing, it never loses it's appeal, always tastes better, and remains in the memory forever!
I'll be in the Sloop 6pm on the Monday. I'll be carrying a copy of the Financial Times and wearing a red carnation. Actually, I won't.
I'm a tall slightly bearded chap, extremely good looking. I'll probably be accompanied by my wife who is small, short blonde hair, and very pretty too. Actually the bit about me was a lie, but my wife is pretty!
If I'm approached by some dodgy looking stranger I'll know it's you!
Until then, CHEERS,

Vile Jelly

28 March 2003 15:57

'Dodgy looking stranger'?
Hell, that could describe just about any of the Sloop staff or regulars!

John Freeman

28 March 2003 15:43

Yes I know, I've seen the staff and the regs before remember!
See you there maybe.

Vile Jelly

28 March 2003 16:12

What? And you're still coming?
Brave man. I look forward to meeting you (and your conspicuous gallantry medals!).

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