Express Delivery!

Alan [Spencer]

22 January 2002 10:22

Daily Express write-up

Don't know if you've already seen it, but congratulations on the Daily Express write-up (p.54, 22.01.02) which reviews your site favourably.
It must make a refreshing change from getting grief from the likes of me anyway.
Maybe there is money to be made from amateur websites after all.
The angry seagull of Twickenham


22 January 2002 11:45

All Is Forgiven!

Well, almost all.
Cheers for the tip-off, I'd probably never have known if you hadn't told me. (You'd think the paper would have bunged me an e-mail to say the site was going to get a mention).
Did you come to St. Ives? Some of my friends down the Sloop at the Meat Draw last Friday were keeping an eye out for you because they had interpreted your reference to 'coming down next weekend' to mean you intended to duff me up! Naturally, I knew better but I hedged my bets and didn't tell them at the time just in case I was wrong and they were right!
Anyway, if you are down again make enquiries at the Sloop and I shall award you the Order of St. Doom Bar for letting me know about this.
PS. Still haven't earned a bean for it, though.

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