Holey Communion

"St? Winwaloe"

27 March 2003 16:39

Forget the Abbott

Just reading the latest misfit from your Scots sounding friend up to Suffolk and probably no good! - Can't agree that the pint in the Nelson is better than the Sole Bay but have to admit I have not been up to either recently. As for Abbot, perhaps a B52 with a crop spraying attachment could be put to good use in the sands. Sorry to hear about your local JMI, this is really not good and I hope that PDC/CEA get someone in there pdq to sort it out. Often the teachers get the blame and then the children and the parents and governors seem to escape. Turn the list around and I think it would be more accurate! All jokes aside, they are the next generation for Cornwall and they should be given and/or made to receive the best education that they can get. Now back to the wilds of Suffolk and why wouldn't you want to go to Walberswick? My saintly crew and I have had many a good day/weekend there and, on one occasion, the sun even shone!  Been raiding the saintly text books in the evangelical library for more info on the holes in your ground - ideas forthcoming but I feel certain it is probably a dis-used hanger for a space craft. By the way a mathematical question for you - How many French army soldiers does it take to defend Paris?

Ans - No one knows it has never been tried

Dew boz geno, Tereba nessa - Anowre!!

Vile Jelly

28 March 2003 09:25

Well, we reckon that the Ofsted outrage is merely a cover to give them the excuse for driving all the local children out onto the Bodmin Moors. Thus, ensuring that native St. Iveans will die out within one generation and the town will then be able to be fully converted into a tourist theme park.

But seriously, it beats me how the school could fail so miserably. It looks quite new and (Penbeagle aside) you could hardly describe St. Ives as a sub-third world urban ghetto. You'd have thought they'd have their pick of teachers who'd be queuing up to get out of the inner cities and move down here. Hell, every other bloody profession seems to want to decamp to St. Ives with their ill-gotten gains! Oh well, I'm sure that the authorities will get round to doing not a fat lot about it eventually.

I doubt I could even pronounce Walberswick (let alone find it) so I shall just have to find out about the place from your new website Wicked Walberswick.

Not totally convinced by your hole theory, mind you, a bit lacking in material to study recently. The RT reckon that they are some form of geological acne and have noticed that no sooner does one rash (in St. Ives) subside than another rash of holes appear elsewhere. Apparently, mainly in Iraq at the moment for some reason. They are conducting more research.

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