Speaking In Tongues

Andrew Macdonald

31 March 2003 10:00

Re: Wrong George.

Which reminds me, years ago I used to do some work for a small company in Sweden, and I phoned them once to talk to guy who ran the company.  His PA answered, saying "Please can you call back later, he's just putting an elk in the freezer."  I did, and he was.
Hope your finger is getting better.  Which poor punter got the bits in their sandwich?  If you'd been using a Wusthof the accident would, of course, never have happened.  Apart from being stratospherically sharp, they also have an inbuilt IFF (Identification Finger or Food) system to prevent such incidents occurring.
Can I recommend the large blue pills for Pinwheel?  I think he'd feel a lot better for them.  Actually, I think he just may be an impostor, or else a member of the previously unheard of order of completely barking saints.
It's pronounced Walberswick, by the way.  Not too difficult.  Unlike Garboldisham and Happisburgh.

Vile Jelly

31 March 2003 15:23

Oh, how disappointing. I was hoping it would be one of those traditional English names that's "spelled Walberswick" but "actually pronounced humpty"!
I'm not surprised your Swedish bloke asked you to call back later. Either he had a very big freezer or he had to cut that elk up very, very small!
I am quite sure that had I been using a Wusthof my finger would still be intact, as well. After all they are so blunt and heavy so I'd never have been able to unexpectedly and rapidly slice through that packaging and nail my finger in the process! My only consolation was that the knife is so samurai sharp that (1) it didn't hurt much and (2) the quack said it was the cleanest cut she'd ever seen.
PS. St. Winwaloe has been very quiet recently, I am beginning whether he has failed to raise himself from the dead after his attempt to turn the water he was walking on into wine!

Andrew Macdonald

04 April 2003 17:55

As I said, Walberswick is perfectly straight forward.  The difficulty occurs with Happisburgh and Garboldisdham, which are also pronounced Walberswick.
I see that you can split an infinitive with the keyboard almost as well as you can split your finger with the Global.
You're probably right about Pinwheel.  It must be tough being a saint in these troubled times, specially if you've got to wear a red pinny, carry a curtain rod, etc etc.  Still at least he's got the the Pope on his side. if not the Dixie Chicks.

Vile Jelly

05 April 2003 09:22

Is there anywhere over there that isn't pronounced Walberswick, then? Or is it a deliberate attempt to simplify things for the East Angularians by giving everywhere the same name?
There, I've started a sentence with a conjunction now. It must be catching.
Nothing from Winwaloe recently. I shall have to put the hagiography on hold.

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