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"St? Winwaloe" [Continued from Area 51?]

07 April 2003 13:28

Re: Forget the Abbott

Sorry for the delay in responding but the saintly back has been troubled by the displacement of a disc. A little self healing has been called for. The other explanation for the holes could be St Ivans trying to tunnel out!!! -

Vile Jelly

07 April 2003 14:28

Good grief, you as well?

Between, you, Helling and me I don't think we could rustle up enough bits to make one working spine.

PS. Actually, we hide in the holes during the Summer while the Mongol hordes sweep in and torch the town!

"St? Winwaloe"

08 April 2003 10:22

This is very omnimouse - could there be a spiral, viral infection spreading through the website. How is the Scots East Anglican (apart from as well as can be expected) -

Vile Jelly

08 April 2003 16:52

Mind you, if he has to keep lugging bags of booze back from Threshers every night I begin to fear for the state of his back.

PS. Have you tried lying down to relieve the symptoms of stress? I find that after ten pints of Doom Bar lying down makes me feel quite relaxed.

"St? Winwaloe"

09 April 2003 12:45

This nis an excellent suggestion and blessings are bestowed upon you. May need to descend on Kernow for the beer though. What's the weather like, just had a brief hail storm up here!!

Vile Jelly

09 April 2003 14:42

It was cracking the flagstones all weekend (when I was incarcerated in the Slave Pits) but has now turned cold and grey with occasional bursts of sunshine. Warm enough if you stay out of the wind (i.e. know where the suntraps are in St. Ives).

"St? Winwaloe"

09 April 2003 13:05

Just been looking at the latest misfit from your gangrel in East Anglican. The Pope has nothing to do with it! - Everyone knows that St Winwaloe was the first Methodist/Baptist/CofE combined Saint (a miracle in itself). Dear old Kernow has spent too long trying to get Latin back into the prayer book. Waste of time, like Cornish, only a handful of people understand it. Been very busy, buying up more Denys val Baker first editions and reckon I only have another million or so to go. Still trying to find more on the cow that roles up the beach (well it's supposed to look like a cow anyway) Funny, after a few pints things/people usually look better. Off to the pain maker now - further reports later and tell Big Mac to get himself a shopping trolley or a tanker or something! -

Vile Jelly

09 April 2003 14:46

Fear not, apparently he has got PLUTO. I don't think he means the planet or the cartoon dog, although in East Angular you never know).

PS. What does the cow do after it has rolled up the beach, tuck it under its arm and walk off with it?

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