Bucks Dodger (In The 21st Century)

Charlotte Lloyd

22 January 2002

Do me a favour.........

Next time you are supping a pint in the fine establishment that is the Sloop, spare a thought for a miserable account executive in Buckinghamshire, who spends the majority of her day fiddling with paper-clips, half-heartedly contemplating suicide [Try watching 'Falling Down', that always used to cheer Jelly up after a bad life at the office!], & dreaming about supping a pint in the fine establishment that is the Sloop. (At the very least it will make you feel delightfully smug). [On the other hand, at least you've got a job which is more than can be said for some. Lots of people love St. Ives and try living down here, usually unsuccessfully. It's not the isolation they can't cope with, it's the abject poverty].

On a more sycophantic note, congratulations on a highly amusing & refreshing web site. [Uh-oh, you've got the Shauns worried now. They think a sycophant is a homicidally deranged pachyderm!]

Congratulations also on the invention of the word 'flobbling' as descriptive of the movement of a seal. Inspired stuff. If that is not in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, I for one, will want to know why.

Yours sick with envy

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