Tooth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Vile Jelly

14 April 2003 19:17

Where were you?

There I was, down in the front bar with my best ugly face and spooky bandanna on ......

John Freeman

22 April 2003 08:34

I'm really sorry, I broke a tooth about 2 hours before we were due to set off, so had to have emergency treatment! Didn't actually arrive until Tuesday, and I didn't know how to contact you.
I hope you managed to get a drink anyway!!
I hope we can still keep in touch and make it next time.
You OK?
Apologies once more.

Vile Jelly

23 April 2003 09:49

Oh, I'm fine ..... Well, I am now.
Mind you, I wasn't so good after propping up the bar for several hours being 'forced' to quaff pints of Doom Bar while waiting for you .... !
Actually, you missed out on quite a pleasant evening as a lot of the locals came out to play for an hour or so, so you could have met some of the St. Ives legends occasionally mentioned in despatches.
Never mind. I'm sure there'll be another time.
PS. It wasn't a dodgy pasty you broke your tooth on was it? Some of the pastysseries down here are strictly for the gullible and unwary (i.e. our visitor friends). If you're down in St. Ives, Ferrell's on Fore Street is the place to go but you need to get there early because they sell out quick.

John Freeman

23 April 2003 11:51

Hello Paul,
I'm really sorry I missed you (and you had to get drunk whilst waiting for me!) I would have liked meeting some "proper" locals!
No, it wasn't a dodgy pasty, it happened at home before we set off. Is the pasty shop the one just on the corner (of the Digey?). Guy who owns it called Phil? That's the one I usually use if I can't resist the temptation.
I guess things are quite busy down there for you this week. We picked a good week for the weather last week and it was quite quiet until Good Friday.
We'll try and get down again later in the summer and I'll let you know if we plan anything.
In the meantime do keep in touch.
For the last time, I'm sorry, OK?

Vile Jelly

23 April 2003 12:26

Not quite. Ferrell's is further down towards the PO opposite the Methodist chapel thingy, although Something Tasty ain't bad. It's certainly better than the emmet-catering Cornish Cackhouse.
Can't really comment much about the weather as I was incarcerated in the Slave Pits for the duration. Anyway, it's a bit of a no-win scenario for us 'cos if the weather is good town gets chocker with ems so we're busy and if it's bad those that are down to stay all pile into the Sloop ..... so we're busy!

John Freeman

23 April 2003 12:07

Always busy then. No escape for the wicked it seems.
I know the little shop you mean, sells bread and pastries as well I think. I didn't realise they do pasties, I'll try it next time.
You take care, and don't overdo things!!

Vile Jelly

23 April 2003 14:41

Too late after this weekend (or should that be weakened).
I have finally got a day off and am now prostrate as the Reporting Team apply soothing unguents to my tattered bod!

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