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"St? Winwaloe"

30 April 2003 16:50

Fringe SAINTHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well of course the prophet is often not recognised in his own country and when it comes to being recognised in South Analar ?????? - Still full marks for the bearded (he ought to have a beard) Scots sounding person for recognising the amazing greatness of Winwaloe!!! - Trust you all celebrated my patronal day.  Now despite the great mind at work I have a problem with the house buying bit. If the local St Ivean's can't afford them and the up country second homers can't afford them then, who is buying the houses in St Ives? Is it the pixies? Or could it be with the new found wealth from Europe the locals have set up offshore companies is the BVI and the like and are now buying up property through Swiss and BVI registered companies. Are you canny Celts, not such a wisht lot at all! - Let me know when the reporting team get's an answer (somewhere in 2008 if current performance is to be relied on)as I want to know where to position the Saintly wallet. Great idea to build a car park (ok another car park) above town. Local roads for locals only - makes sense. Also, as my wife teaches at a primary/junior school that has won OFFHEADS award several times let me know when the local school decides to appoint a few up country staff. Could be just the opportunity for me to have a regular supply of fresh air, fresh(ish) fish and proper beer - God Bless - W

Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe   

Vile Jelly

03 May 2003 08:46

Well, they reckon that now everyone in the Big Stench has made their fortune and are looking to 'downsize' their lives that they are all busy colonising Cornwall and West Penwith in particular. I suppose the irony of this is that if they keep coming down at the present rate then this place is going to end up like London, which is what they are trying to get away from!

PS. Mrs Winwaloe may have missed her chance with the local skool. According to the headmaster 117% of the pupils now have the maths and english skills what they needs to have got.

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