Asylum Of The Times

"St? Winwaloe"

06 May 2003 09:46

Re: Fringe SAINTHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting piece in one of the national fish and chip wrappers (don't tell the Euro parliament). It appears that the Brits are leaving the UK in record numbers. However, we are still the most popular place for refugees etc. They like the UK, we don't. Now I have long said that there will come a time when I apply for Cornish nationality, hoist my flag over the shoulder and wing my way over the Tamar. Let me know if you hear of any suitable cells up Zennor way! How are the reporting team doing in this fine weather. Out on the smurf boards?

Vile Jelly

06 May 2003 17:35

Yes, and the British refugees all seem to be emigrating to St. Ives. I always said this place was like an asylum in the Summer!

The Reporting Team (or some of them) should be in deep training for their next feature mission which promises to be moderately strenuous. They say they do hours of exercises while I am in the Slave Pits, although that doesn't explain why the bin is always full of empty tinnies. Very strange.

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