The Sound Of Silence

Helen Bristol

06 May 2003 10:24

Re: Modem communications.

What a gorgeous Bank Holiday weekend!  Sitting in the garden, reading and soaking up the sun......... oh, and the odd bucket or 2 of vino.
Not heard from you or the Reporting Team.
I assume that:
1. You succumbed to the ethyl stuff but forgot to tell the RT that they could come east
2.  You succumbed etc. but the RT decided it was too good a chance to miss - having the run of SI and SSI without your mature and restraining hand to guide them
3. You were too busy slaving in the Sloop
4. As 3 and too knackered to bother once you'd dragged your poor aching bod back home
5. You've nothing to say???
I think you will have to disabuse the sainted one about my "Scottish" friend having to have a beard. (He's no more Scots than I am, its just that I don't flaunt it by having such an obvious name) His chin is as smooth as a Vile Jelly's head, only I can't actually vouch for that, well, the second part anyway.  
Kitchen floor finished, just need the decorating fairy to come.

Vile Jelly

06 May 2003 17:43

1) correct
2) probably correct
3) correct
4) very correct
5) right again
Congratulations you have achieved A* grades in all your GCSE's, please advance to university and collect £200.
I can't disabuse Winwaloe of anything just now. Having found out that there is actually a Mrs Winwaloe I am still in a state of chronic shock!

Helen Bristol

08 May 2003 10:02

Graduate of the university of life, me.  £200 won't go far these days, just about manage a pair of trainers.  Wouldn't even cover the cost of a return train fare from here to SI.
Why so upset about there being a Mrs. W.?  Even protosaints have to do something to pass the time between miracles.
It's funny how you can misinterpret the Runes.  I hadn't realised your need for an audience - publish and be damned.

Vile Jelly

08 May 2003 19:29

No, it's just that I thought that someone so Winwaloe-ish must have achieved that status by living in isolation.
But, then again, now that SSI stands here on the high hill of its old age and we are assailed by accusations I wonder whether it is better to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take up arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them .....
That's probably not the correct quotation but I am doing this from memory so bear with me.
A few days ago SSI received some 'hate mail', soon to be published. It made us think .....
..... in particular, it made us think 'why bother, then?'.
Today, I and a couple of members of the Reporting Team had a fantastic walk the details of which may yet be revealed. Then again, if they aren't why should we care? We've done it and seen it .....
..... the rest of you can make up your own entertainment.
PS. Sorry but I've had enough, you'll understand when you see the next update.

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