The Past Is Another Country

"St? Winwaloe"

12 May 2003 09:16

Cornwall for the emmetttttts!!!!!!

Well this John chap does have a point of course. All this NIMCBYism about people from up country. Well this particular saintly person was/is born and bred in the "Home Counties" that unique area sitting between half a dozen motorways and airports. However, having taken an interest in all things Cornish (inc that rather weird language) since I first through my saintly toys out of the saint carrier I have never had a problem when escaping to my spiritual homeland. The fact that I probably know more about Cornwall, Cornish History, Cornish Folklore (a favourite, I wonder if Dr PP would let me do a PhD)than a lot of the modern locals may help. However, why do people go to West Penwith and particularly St Ives. It is because IT IS a quaint fishing village with old houses and a real history. Visitors want to meet local people, preferably those that still have a local accent and whose family have lived there since us Saintly ones got interested in Belerion. The whole culture of England is breaking down. The last bastions of what made Gt Britain great are now Wales, Scotland (oh my Sainted Aunt!!) and Cornwall. Keep the character, keep the "local" and keep out all those who want to make it an extension of Slough (Betjeman had the right idea there)- - As for the website - change it and a curse of Saintly magnitude will descend on you and yours until the Doom Bar and the Wreckers turn to Double Diamond - - Yours in Saintly Brotherhood - Winwaloe

Vile Jelly

12 May 2003 16:16

I think it was the main character in the Thomas Covenant books by Stephen Donaldson who said something to the effect that the worst thing you can do to someone is to take away something they love and then give it back to them ..... broken.

As I tried to explain in my reply to Mr Oswin and in the rant in the news bulletin, my point (if I have one) is not that visitors, etc are evil per se but that I can't see the point of wanting to come to a place because of its character or whatever but then want to make the place over in your own image.

I agree wholeheadedly with your 'Slough scenario' and it always mystifies me why people think that a place, any place, that they deign to visit should put itself out for them. I can now understand why the Brits are so often unpopular abroad. Why the hell do people want to go somewhere that is culturally/ethnically/historically/etc. different but not be prepared to accept that they are now in someone else's home and need to observe their hosts' house rules. Tony T was telling me that he once had a crowd from Leicester in the bar once complaining bitterly about the lack of a balti house in St. Ives. If they wanted a balti why the 'procreate' did they leave Leicester in the first place?

A little anecdote to finish off with. If you, or anyone else, are familiar with the locale then you will know that there is a small car park behind the Sloop. Oddly enough, this was not always there. It used to be a place called Pudding Bag Lane and once, according to legend, housed the only tree in Downlong. Back in the 1930's there were a series of slum clearances which saw the Downlong Downandouts rehoused higher up the town. Pudding Bag Lane was demolished.

Now, people look at all those old black and white photos and say what a tragedy it is that it was demolished to make a crappy old car park and how the unique character of Downlong has been diminished.

Thusly do we learn that what seems a good and convenient idea at the time may not necessarily be for the best in the long-term. Hence, the Reporting Team shall continue to hold their paws/hoofs/etc. up and be counted when it comes to putting an alternative view to the 'tourism brings money therefore tourism is good therefore anything done to benefit tourists is for the good' school of (lack of) thought.

Aux barricades, mes herissons!

"St? Winwaloe"

13 May 2003 09:17

when they cleared the "slums" was this the same time that they burnt so much of Alfred Wallis's possessions? Got that one right didn't they (not)!!! - You are quite right in what you say. The intrinsic beauty of Cornwall, particularly West Penwith and St Ives is bound within a throwback to another age. It can be thousands of years or perhaps just 20. If/when I move to West Penwith I am afraid I will be up there with the "for God's sake don't change/spoil/ruin that brigade. I know that some of the indigenous Cornish want to make it a very modern County/Country. Shining office blocks, tall towers in Cambourne and lots of modern housing. But does Milton Keynes really belong in Cornwall? I think Cornwall is better without it. Perhaps the modernise and be damned brigade should move out to Milton Keynes or Slough and leave Cornwall to those who appreciate it for what it really is - Of course, following the idea that Cornwall only really begins in Penzance I suppose they could move East but stay the right side of the Tamar?  Keep up the good work!

Vile Jelly

13 May 2003 12:09

Probably. Sounds about right.

Mind you, others will point out that you can't stop change. Which is true but that doesn't preclude you from resisting it if it is a change for the worse. Just because you can't win the battle doesn't mean you can't ultimately win the war. After all, quite a few centuries ago loads of your fellow saints went up in flames, etc. trying to convince 'the powers that be' to change their attitude. Who won in the end?

With clenched paws/hoofs/etc. we shall continue to persist, resist, and go out and get p ..... er, relaxed!

"St? Winwaloe"

13 May 2003 15:58

Yes but what about the fabulous girl in the clever wiggly thing!!??

Vile Jelly

13 May 2003 21:55

Y' wha?

Translation and analysis please, Spock.

"St? Winwaloe"

14 May 2003 08:50

Ah  ha your memory fails you!!! - I was alluding to the angelic young lady serving in a food establishment not far from a certain pub of great repute!!! -

Vile Jelly

14 May 2003 16:01

Ah yes, of course .....

The Slippery Eel .....

Although I must admit, for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the eating establishment!

"St? Winwaloe"

15 May 2003 09:52

Hire for the pub - and order another 1000 pints

Vile Jelly

15 May 2003 11:44

On our way.

PS. Don't wait up for us the, Shauns have got their drinking heads and
dancing hoofs on!

"St? Winwaloe"

15 May 2003 17:56

That was hire not hi !!

Vile Jelly

16 May 2003 09:47

Too late. We revelled (and maltesered) all night.

Anyway, we couldn't afford to hire anything down here, we're too poor!

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