Gee String!

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

13 May 2003 02:09

ungava swiss sounds like a sandwich

yes, well Paul... as I type here in the library in Whitehorse I am wearing a pair of clog type slip ons ( for lazy ones) and I have cut out the toes for a "summer sandal" and my pants are cut off and hemmed for tidal effects....  do have a nice Indian blouse in black that a pal brought me from Chile this winter for looking after her Cockatiel.. and a flowered vest handmade by a gal from Salt Spring and this vest is about l2 years old... over this is a rreeely pilled up nayvy blue fleece zipped jacket and because it was fucking snowing  ok I said it... my UNGAVA toque with the Swiss flag  sort of like a soft Swiss army knife hat.. with 2 trweezly bits.. hanging from the top.... oh... last years green socks folded down to reveal my skinny but effective leg (s)  I am trying to quit the plaid lumber jack shirt habit by wearing this blouse and it is working slightly.... and of course the celtic knot ring in silver found somewhere in the Outer Hebrides 20 + years ago.  

like I said   a rope in case    who wrote that?  I remember reading a story about picking up bits of rope in case you needed it sometime... and lo    on  a walkabout around your islands in September gales  I did find and keep a rope and later used it to tie down me poncho...

bye   M

Vile Jelly

13 May 2003 08:45

Uh-oh. I'd be be careful if I were you. While it may very well secure your poncho, I do worry what will happen if we give you enough rope .... !

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

15 May 2003 20:22

no worries ( thats from Queensland days)  I'd rather be eaten by a dingo than take a dive... you know... go on a long walkabout..

too many things to do and chips to eat and share with birds   you know, when I was in Kirkwall..Orkney  I had some blood pudding deep fried with fab chips... o those were the days...well I guess I'd really better just eat a few chips and give the gulls some..

Pauly..... I always call the Pauls Pauly.. if thats ok for just this letter... I guess its pretty gnarly in old town if you don't have digs and a JOB... competition fierce is it for wall space... and from what you say.. is there lots of schlock to wade through (tourist stuff... toy seagulls, puffin candies etc...) do you think that galleries are open to come from aways packing paintings? or do they just support the usual suspects (ONES THAT SELL)   M

Vile Jelly

16 May 2003 10:01

Queensland? You certainly weren't kidding about being round the colonies! What are you a British Empire groupie or some sort of serial deportee?
I've absolutely no idea how the artyfarty triads operate down here. You probably just have to sign up for one of the factions, perform some sort of dare (like torching the opposition's gallery) and Robert is, in deed, your father's brother! Have you tried communicating with any of them via the electric mail?
Alternatively, you could just through the remains of last night's pizzas in your dirty laundry bag and send it over here. Call it something like 'The Futility Of Resisting Tyranny and they'll probably give you an exhibition at the Tat!

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