Consolation Prized

Gill Richards

13 May 2003 14:04

It was with growing horror that I read John Oswins's mail to you, slagging off your superb web site. I regularly spend a happy lunch break catching up on the wanderings of like minded folk regarding St Ives and all the 'shite' that they type. I have been meaning mail you to compliment you on the site, but life rattles by too quickly, now Mr Oswin has spurred me into action. Keep up the good work and next time I'm in said town I will visit the Sloop and buy you a pint (which won't be in the height of the season cos like you I prefer St Ives when it's quiet.)

til the next time


Vile Jelly

13 May 2003 14:51

Ta muchly.

I must that at the time I really did think that that was the icing on the dog turd and was thinking 'sod them then' and was going to pull the plug as I am fortunate enough not to need the internet to enjoy St. Ives.

Of course, I would then have had to find something else to keep the Reporting Team out of mischief!

So, on the principle of the lesser of two weevils it looks like SSI will continue to rampage unpredictably across the electronic ether.

Look forward to meeting you next time you're down in the burg.

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