Danse Macabre!

Karen Branson

15 May 2003 12:03

Seagulls who clog dance on my roof

Perhaps someone could help me? Part of my roof, in St. Ives, is flat. Seagulls land heavily on the roof and are heavy footed while on the roof. Does anyone know of a deterrent I could put on the roof to prevent seagulls from landing? Humane answers please :-) 

Vile Jelly

15 May 2003 12:42

Hell, I've no idea. We've got a slopey roof and the buggers still go at it hammer and tongs morning, noon and night.

Have you tried the local council? I know they're usually about as much use as chocolate fireguard but they do (or did) have a seagull egg-nobbling scheme in place and so they might have other handy hints and tips. Personally I think you'll just have to lump it because I don't think the seagulls down here would be scared off by anything less than a nuclear strike!

Good luck.

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