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23 January 2002 20:37

Alan Spencer

Dear Vilejelly

I write to give you support against the one named Alan Spencer (aka seagull).  I agree totally with you that St. Ives was taken over by foreigners (mostly Londoners).  

But more importantly I write to inform you of the behaviour of this seagull....several times during the course of the evening he was seen to violently flap his wings at innocent passers-by. Also, the very size of his costume (and that of his bird, sic) meant that nobody else could dance on the harbour beach without fear of being swept out to sea with a stroke of his large wing!

Please carry on your good work and keep St. Ives free of ALL seagulls!

A Worried Resident, Bowling Green Terrace

[Well, as was pointed out by Andrew MacDonald previously, dressing up as a seagull in St. Ives was rather a foolish thing to risk, almost on a par with turning up in Times Square dressed up as Old Bin Liner!

Somehow, he seems to have managed to survive, no doubt by huddling with the rest of the aquatic vultures when caught in the searchlights. He probably thinks he has got away with it but he will soon have the smile wiped off his beak when, little does he know but, in a month or so the Town Council will be sending men around to prick his eggs!]

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