The Red Badger Courage!

Andrew Macdonald

23 May 2003 10:05

"I disapprove of what you say", said Voltaire, "but I will defend to the death your right to say it."  "But in your case, I'll make an exception." added Jelly.
But that's OK. it's your wibbly wobbly web site, and you can say what you like, (as long as I agree, of course.)
And I wasn't quite sure - was that Donny Oswin or Little Jimmy Oswin?
I'm beginning to think that Winwaloe may be a Daily Mail reader.  Still, he's right about the beer. And Betjeman.  And I must go get some fish and chips next time I'm down.
Talking of beer, as I was wandering home the other evening, I was suddenly struck by a vivid vision of sitting in front of a pint of Special outside the Tinners on a warm and sunny evening. Ho hum.
I don't suppose Badgers Cross is in any way connected with the recent story in the national papers about the badger who escaped from a wildlife park in Wiltshire (or possibly Warwickshire) armed only with a few grenades and an AK47 and cut a swathe of bloodshed and terror across the land before being trapped in a daring combined forces operation involving the Police, Badger Watch, units of the SAS and Lt Col Tim Collins.  The Force Research Unit of the RSPCA ordered that the badger must be teminated with extreme prejudice.
You can tell Karen Branson that I know of someone in the town who knows a way of deterring seagulls.  Humnae is a relative term.  So is humane.  We have a similar problem with starlings every Spring when they move into the roof and spend several weeks hammering in picture hooks to put the decorations up and playing indoor five-a-side.
PS I can't go to skool yet. I havn't learnt to tie my shoelaces.
PPS  Anybody opened a new restaurant in Carbis Bay recently?

Vile Jelly

23 May 2003 15:24

Well, in fairness to me, I did give Mr. Swine-O a moderately reasoned response and published his whinge without editorial interference.
He never got back to me though.
Does that make me a better man than him, then? I've never been better than someone else before!
I definitely think that the badgers have got an agenda. As mentioned in the feature I don't think they're overly impressed by the systematic gassing that's going on. As I recall, the Israelis didn't take too kindly to that sort of thing either!
PS. What do you know about a new restaurant in Cardboard Bay? I've seen ads for chefing jobs over there. Have you got some insider information on this?
Better still, have you got any influence on it? If so, I am available at a very reasonable rate!

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