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Andrew Macdonald [Continued from The Red Badger Courage!]

25 May 2003 13:55

Last week, we had a meeting with a guy who'd come over from Germany to see us and then go to an expotition at the NEC in Brum.  He asked how long it would take him to drive from Brum to Cornwall.  "Quite a long time" said I, "but why?"  It turned out he had a friend in St Ives who was opening a new restaurant in Carbis Bay.  Before this, the friend had had a fish restaurant in St Ives, but the German guy couldn't remember where, but it was the best fish restaurant in St Ives. He did reveal under interrogation that it was in Fore Street (probably) and that you could get into it from two street levels, but that was all.  What was Peppers before it was Peppers? 
And that's all I know.  I'm not even sure he made it down to St Ives as he only had a day anyway. 

Vile Jelly

25 May 2003 18:00

Russets, probably.
Although, if you include the fire escape, you never know, it might have been your beloved Saucy Chef!
I must admit that the town is currently full of eurobods. Last Sunday, as I trudged to the Slave Pits over half the voices I heard must have been German. I was half expecting to hear 'Deutschland Uber Alles' belting out of the Methodist Chapel as I went by.
You're more widely travelled than I (you've traversed Sproutshire!), have you any idea why we get so many europeeps in late May - Early June? It seems to happen each year.

Andrew Macdonald

27 May 2003 17:02

I did think of the Saucy Chef, but I really couldn't work out how anyone with half a tastebud and less than that of a braincell could put the words Saucy Chef, restaurant, and good in the same sentence without recourse to multiple expletives and negatives, or at least a bucketful of irony, none of which I recall from the original conversation. Thus was the Saucy Chef ruled out.
Can't help you with the eurobods.  Can't you persuade them that sun roast seagull nestling on a bed of kelp is THE Cornish dish de nos jours and all they have to do is catch their seagull first.  That should send them on their way happy (to be alive, if nothing else).
I think Helling has told of our discovery of Winwaloe's lurkery down Porthleven way, which apparently has a pub serving Doom Bar, but I'm not sure that she told you about a place further west around the coast which I think is called Kelly's Knackered, or something very similar.  And talking of the saintly one, I'm sure he'll be happy to know I had a pint or two of Adnams at the Harbour Inn on Friday. And jolly good they were too.

Vile Jelly

27 May 2003 17:43

But, as the more adventurous members of the Reporting Team would observe, seagulls are neither tasty nor nutritious. Nor are eurobods, or so they report!
I will pass on your message of 'good ale to all mankind' to Winwaloe next time he is manifesting. Who knows when he'll be back in the Alpha Quadrant?

Andrew Macdonald

29 May 2003 08:51

My point entirely.
Feeling fully desnotted yet?

Vile Jelly

30 May 2003 07:55

Mostly, I still spring the occasional leak!
Been celebrating my new found health with a long walk. Sunburnt to a crisp so now I've got something to take my mind off the cold!

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