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"St? Winwaloe"

28 May 2003 10:09

Saintly reading

Just to let Andrew McEastAnglia know I don't read the Daily Mail although Mrs Winwaloe does. My reads are the Daily Torygraph, FT and the Daily Saint(very limited edition)- Sun is shining in London Town (not a pleasant sight to view) and I am rather afraid the locals will be coming forth around lunchtime. Not, in most cases, a pretty site. Off to the land of St Bernard's tomorrow, hope the sun is also shining there-Toddle pip - 

Vile Jelly

28 May 2003 11:09

Well, don't go to far, between them Androo and Helling have managed to locate the ideal Cornish pied-a-terre for you.

Read the latest e-mails when I do this week's update (Friday, possibly, depending on how 'tired and emotional' I am after the start of the Beer Festival!).

"St? Winwaloe"

30 May 2003 15:53

Delighted to report that the weather in downtown Switzerland was fantastic. Bit concerned about what Helend and Mr MacDo have in mind and possibly looking forward to the next electrickery broad sheet - Have a suitable weekend- W

Vile Jelly

30 May 2003 17:03

What were you doing in Swindlerland? Not checking up on those deposits old Great-Uncle Hans left for the family were you?

I'm in the Slave Pits all weekend but I have had a suitable mid-week. We have gone west as far as a man, thing, cat can do.

It hurt.

Well, it does now!

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