Sail Of The Century

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

02 June 2003 03:02

Pope aram a

whats raita... someone in litry from OZ?    almost missed a big book sale...on Sat.. got there as they were packing up... and got the complete works of POPE... l700's  rather fun to read and he uses many refs to THE GODS.. helps sort out who did what with whom and where etc... 

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

02 June 2003 03:08

who... and hoo

also beside Pope   another yard sale got me a tape of loons calling out on a lake.. some"cuts" are loons yodelling with coyotes too.. and another with songbirds..

I can hear the donk of the audio techs' paddle against the canoe in the recording during a thunderstorm.. oh ya.... out on a lake in an electrical storm.. the loon calls are wonderful to listen to..what happened to the face?  rather beastly of me to send it...sporry and hoo are the folks you mentioned.. a musical revue?

Vile Jelly

02 June 2003 09:28

Re: Pope aram a

Raita is a sort of yoghurty sauce served as an accompaniment to spicy dishes like curries, kebabs, etc. Can't tell you the exact ingredients as everyone seems to make it slightly differently depending on what effect they are trying to achieve. Personally, I like mine minty.
Yes, Alexander is probably the only Pope who can be said to have contributed something pleasant to humanity. Personally, my fave is the Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot, which is not only very (sarcastically) funny but also contains a few of the more memorable, oft-quoted seldom attributed lines in the English language. Have a goosey and see if you can spot them. From memory the poem starts something like:-
"Shut, shut the door, good John, fatigued I said
Tell them I've gone away, tell them I'm dead"
He must have been living in St. Ives during the tourist season!

Vile Jelly

02 June 2003 09:28

Re: who... and hoo

Talking of loons .....
What folks? Do you mean Acid House?
It's old hat now but it is/was a sort of trippy dance music associated with (as was the smiley) the current generation's unauthorised experiments in pharmaceutical chemistry!
Talking of loons .....

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

03 June 2003 02:45

cured, again

yea, the acid heads.... balloon heads...
so I 'll never ever send another face out there...

in an old photo of my eldest son, taken while he was in uni... on his T shirt...

a big yellow smilie with.....I AM     THEREFORE I PARTY.... he was just launching an ancient longboat converted to "sail" and good ol' Rainbow took on water VERY quickly with all hands bailing till she got over to a dock and tied up so she couldn't sink and a bilge pump started..  the kid is now 34 and lives on a real sailboat near Vancouver... still parties... good lad.. M

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

03 June 2003 02:56

try happy beans

there's another yogurty mixture and is YUMMY with deep fried zuchini and its got cucumber and maybe dilly down daffy too... the warm and cool..

how OLD are you.. and how come you can quote this here Pope? English major?

some of his epitaphs are funny too.. is that the same as Epistle?   I'll look up your lines.


ps. we have THEM also.... already the middle Europeans are clogging up the stores and roads and bank lineups.. do you think they know we know who they are? 

Vile Jelly

03 June 2003 12:39

Re: cured, again

Hm, the 'ancient longboat' sounds suspiciously like one of the boats that takes the unsuspecting emmets to Seal Island.
What's your sprog doing living on a boat? Is he some sort of pirate?
Oh well, I suppose it saves time avoiding all those tedious domestic chores like mowing the lawn!

Vile Jelly

03 June 2003 12:53

Re: try happy beans

Nooo, an epistle is a letter whereas an epitaph is a 'last words' thing, e.g. what you bung on a gravestone, like
'Here lies Jelly who had no style
His brain was weird and his bod was vile'
So, you suffer from attacks of eurobods as well, eh? Must be some sort of spring-cleaning tradition that they all evacuate Europe in late May/early June. I wonder why.

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

04 June 2003 19:05

Hispaniola ll, gone but not forgotten

you got it.. he is a bit of an outlaw .... likes 'is rum toddies... he was raised in the main, as it were, by his very conservative father and eventual step mother both being verrrry estab.and conserv... in rural Nova Scotia... baptist ridden and who's family line do you belong to?....when Brenden  (remember the famous coracle race?) came  out to the west coast to hang with me on Salt Spring during the uni summer breaks..... he realised another way to live.. my  pirate at the time had a lovely 40' schooner which I often lived aboard with the little one and  B got the wharf rat sense and never looked back... he builds log houses in Whistler nowadays... my young John worked up there his first summer out of high school as a stonemason favourite thing is to fall asleep while the boat is out on the hook. Ever sail around at all? M      

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

04 June 2003 19:20


they are actually BUYING lots of property here and taking over the Frontier.. mind you I don't think Alaska would let them but this  government has allowed easy access to
the grey peril ( taken from my time in Oz when the locals worried and looked up a few notches to Malaysia, the Koreas etc... and wondered if the aastraaaliyan traaaadishions were at risk to be taken over by the aforementioned.. of course nothing would ever happen to the marvellous mystery cake (tour) LAMINGTON  there I said it again still not as bad as the round thingy in saffron..

one day years ago, my boy and I were invited to a supper on SSI and being in my medieval nick found some saffron and baked a rumply bumpy old loaf of the innard scouring kind.. at this time I was writing ( longhand on paper) to a THATCHER ( not her) in Oxford... being as one of my art college papers was about thatching styles in the British Isles... that was fun... think of seeds lying under 400 years of straw layers soming to  life!

this morning while drinking my tea, was reading Nick Bantock's book.."Alexandria".. a travelogue with collages and letters in envelopes within, and one line said that he had found a little dead bird...a little while later... while playing tennis with Ned, my border collie.... I found a little dead bird.. a swallow.... returned here all the way from Mexico to lie dead on the lawn on the park..and just at the beginning of summer..

Vile Jelly

05 June 2003 09:44

Re: Hispaniola ll, gone but not forgotten

Sail? Lawks, no. Too great an association with rich twits over here.
On the other hand at least St Ives Sailing Club does manage to annoy the ems by clogging the slipway outside the Sloop with their barques and caravels when they go sailing in the bay!

Vile Jelly

05 June 2003 09:44

Re: wings

What's wrong with saffie buns?
They are a great tradition around here (although no one has managed to satisfactorily explain to me why somewhere/someone as poor as St Ives tin miners and fishermen would put something as expensive as saffron in a bun). The good ones are a nice luminous yellow and they are an ideal size and weight for chucking at the Mayor!
I'm not surprised the bird was dead. I walked the coast path from St. Ives to Cape Cornwall last week and was fairly knackered at the end. I'd definitely drop dead if I tried Mexico to Canada!
PS. How did you know it came from Mexico? Did it have a sombrero and a burrito tucked under one wing?

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