As Good As Gold!

"St? Winwaloe" [Continued from The Big Issue! ]

02 June 2003 09:18

Re: Saintly reading

Those little gold bricks with eagles stamped on them are quite cute really -

Vile Jelly

02 June 2003 15:10

Are you sure?

Why don't you send the Reporting Team one and they will try to verify your theory.

"St? Winwaloe"

03 June 2003 10:10

Will see if I can find parachute and Dornier to deliver -

Vile Jelly

03 June 2003 12:58

I'll keep my eyes peeled. Can you give us a bit of warning just before you drop it because, knowing the Shauns, they're bound to rush out and stand directly beneath it.

PS. How are the relatives in Bolivia these days?

"St? Winwaloe"

03 June 2003 14:50

Do they know the eagle has landed - Forget Bolivia go for the Argentine the girls are better looking

Vile Jelly

03 June 2003 15:18

Yes, the eagle landed ..... where it was promptly eaten by a seagull!

Can't say I care much for Argentina. Probably being force-fed corned beef at skool put me off for life.

"St? Winwaloe"

03 June 2003 17:02

This could be a novelty for St Ives. Get up to those mines and produce gold bars with a seagull stamped on them (if it can be eating a pasty so much the better)!
Go to it pard!!

Vile Jelly

04 June 2003 14:05

Unfortunately, there is no gold in the local mines.

I sent the Reporting Team down to see if there was but they said "no, there wasn't".

At least I think that's what they said, it was a very bad connection to the phone booth in Zurich they were ringing from!

Surprised you didn't bump into each other or is this more of that legendary Swiss guaranteed anonymity?

"St? Winwaloe"

05 June 2003 10:23

Well there were a few blue things about but they were gnomes - or were they? - Could it have been the reporting team in disguise? Keep a good look out for any numbers that they may write down. Actually, sitting out at a pavement cafe in Zurich did rather remind me of St Ives. Wall to wall Porches, Ferraris, Masers, and other exotic pieces. Even a rather nice 1950's Bentley S2 Continental. Now, thinking about it the driver did rather seem familiar - I am just off to check the pix of the reporting team on your website!

Vile Jelly

05 June 2003 10:50

Actually, I did find something that looked suspiciously like codes but they had been encrypted in hedgehog, which I can't speak. I shall have to wait until tonight when the Shauns struggle drunkenly in from the Sloop and see if I can dupe them into giving away secrets.

And they always made me buy the drinks because they said they didn't have any money. To think that they have been pulling the wool over my eyes all this time!

"St? Winwaloe"

05 June 2003 17:10

Shouldn't that be bristles or do you have a really funny sort of hedgehog down there?

Vile Jelly

06 June 2003 09:45

I was referring to the Shauns, you fool.

The Sonics do not need to deceive me as they know that (a) no one can keep up with them so they can never be caught and (b) they are far too spikey to argue with!

"St? Winwaloe"

06 June 2003 09:59

Pixies will always stay out in front. This has recently been proved at a sporting competition when the power of the Cornish Pixie was clled on for extra strength and cunning. It worked! Have you looked in at the tottering eel fish and chippie recently?

Vile Jelly

06 June 2003 15:31

Not exactly.

The only times I go past the Slippery Eel is on the way to work (when my eyes are blinded by tears) and on the way out of work (when my eyes are blinded by hours of exposure to excessive heat and assorted noxious fumes).

Consequently, while believing is not a problem, seeing certainly is!

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