What A Tangled Web We Weave ...

Charlotte Lloyd

24 January 2002 19:02

Possible forthcoming extraction?

Don't you think the Sloop would benefit greatly from a web cam? I do. In fact, I would go so far as to say it would be rude of you NOT to put a web cam in the Sloop. Particularly rude not to put one in the public bar, taking in the long table & the view out of the window over the harbour.

Not that I'm a voyeur, you understand (ahem), but I think the world needs a window into that kind of happiness to help us through the dark days of the soul(Mon to Friday)


[This idea has been mooted before by some regulars but we thought 'why would anyone be interested in seeing us having a good time?' 

After all what possible interest could the outside world have in seeing the Meat Draw on Friday? Feeling the tension as the tickets are drawn? Watching Tony storm round the three bars like a demented Regimental Sergeant Major bellowing the winning number while the winner, who was standing in front of him all the time, pretends not to have heard? Wondering what the mystery prize might be and whether it will be wholly inappropriate for the winner?

Who'd be interested in that?

Actually, we did apply to have a webcam installed in the Sloop on your behalf but the European Court Of Human Rights ruled it illegal on the grounds that it constituted cruel and unusual punishment!]

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