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Deborah Clark

08 June 2003 22:47

Directions to Alfred Wallis' Grave

Hi, as a frequent visitor to the Tate in St Ives, last time I decided to go up to barnoon and track down Alfred Wallis's grave. Hmm, sure heck lot of graves up there!  Found the picture you've got on your site - any chance of directions, or even a pointer in the right direction?

Would much appreciate any help you can give.


Vile Jelly

09 June 2003 08:35

Hm, not exactly sure how to do a map of Barnoon Cem. but I'll give it a whirl.

I'm sure Alf wouldn't mind but it would be rather insensitive to give directions like 'turn right at the Alba crew grave', etc! I will despatch the Reporting Team to see what they can come up with.

Deborah Clark

09 June 2003 19:09

How about 'top cem, left hand side' or right hand side of main cem near the wall at the front' or something like that?! I don't expect you to do an ordinance survey map!

Many thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.


Vile Jelly

10 June 2003 13:08

How desperate are you? (As the actress said to the bishop!).

I have inserted directions in the Art Is Where The Home Is section which will be revealed when I promulgate the next update (Friday-ish). If you need directions more urgently let me know and I will see what I can bodge.

Deborah Clark

10 June 2003 18:18

Mega urgent, I'm going in November!

Thanks for your help, I'll check the site on Friday-ish.


Vile Jelly

10 June 2003 20:49


Then there's a chance you could enjoy your visit! By then even the most obtuse of the ems should have finally worked their way out of the one-way system!

Deborah Clark

10 June 2003 21:07

Ems?  Sorry, don't know that one!  And of course November, don't you know when the Alan Davie exhibition starts???????!!!!!!!!! Silly.

(Not that we plan our holidays around exhibitions at the Tate ...........!)


Vile Jelly

11 June 2003 08:23

Ems - emmets.

Good job you don't plan your holidays around trips to the Tate. I hear that even the Masochist Society refused to attend the 'Video Art' expedition on the grounds it was too painful to bear!

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