The Question A Tissue!

Janet Bentley

09 June 2003 13:05

Little Tissue

If the reporting team get bored whilst you are perspiring in the slave pits, they could do worse than obtain a copy of the 'LittleTissue' a small book that's being peddled around St Ives. Highly amusing - a recommended read.


Vile Jelly

09 June 2003 21:23

Sounds funky, where can we get it from?
Yours cuddly,
The RT
PS. We don't do the Slave Pits thing, that's why we're smarter than Vile Jelly. Bwahahaha!

Janet Bentley

10 June 2003 07:44

Try the St Ives Times & Echo office, they are printing it, or I wouldn't be surprised if Bob at the Salthouse Gallery had a copy or two.

Vile Jelly

10 June 2003 11:37

I shall see if I can roust the RT out of the Sloop and get them to stagger forth in search of it.

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