Andrew Macdonald

11 June 2003 18:14

Fiat Coupe for sale.

The Fiat Coupe is a damn fine motor.  It goes ridiculously fast, uses obscene amounts of petrol, and costs an arm and a leg to service and insure, in other words, the ideal second (or third car) for a faintly saintly merchant banker wishing to relieve himself of some Swiss bullion*.  God and Mammon and all that.  Being Italian, it is of course a complete triumph of style over substance.
And talking of the saintly one, we were debating the other day if all saints have flags, and if so, was St W's likely to be a field gules with loaf of bread rampant over curtain rod couchant.
Regatta ain't in my opinion Adnam's greatest beer, but at least it gave you poor deprived lot down there and idea of what beer should taste like, though perhaps having realised it was no longer in an IP postcode it decided not to play.  I see there was some Woodfordes there too, which is normally good for a laugh. 
*I think that means he's just passed a Knorr stock cube.
Must go and mow the lawn..............

Vile Jelly

11 June 2003 18:19

Why? It will only grow back again.
As for the lack of Adnams down here you and Winwaloe have only yourselves to blame. How will the Reporting Team ever be able to judge whether or not it is a quality brew if you and W insist on siphoning it all up before it has a chance to leave the East Angular everglades?
PS. Perhaps we could have a compo for the Spookyists to design W's saintly coat (of many colours) arms. I'll leave it up to you to suggest/provide a suitable prize.
PPS. Helling is remaining tight-lipped about the 'duc' incident. Do tell, the Reporting Team like a good story when I tuck them up in bed of a night.

Andrew Macdonald

12 June 2003 16:44

I shall think on the competition.  "A banner with a strange device...."  And should that be Spookistas?  We are all Europicanians now.
I'll try and figure out how to convey the "duc" incident in words.  If it gets too tiring, I may have to revert to the tale of the disciplinarian nurse with no clothes on.
PS.  You don't seem to have upset anybody lately?

Vile Jelly

12 June 2003 18:19

I've not been feeling well!

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